Business ID / Y-tunnus: 2647577-6
Peter Henningsen   Skype: pegehe
Finland: +358 5 059 45475 (WhatsApp)

Brazil: +55 13 34683533

Mailing address
Brassi Business Consulting Oy
Lepokodinkuja 1 C 21, 00300 Helsinki, Finland


As a native Brazilian with Danish roots, I’ve worked a number of years based in São Paulo and have a good understanding of the local business environment and culture, added to a reliable and trustworthy local business network.

I moved to Helsinki in 2004, where I have worked and learned over ten years from different Finnish organizations. In 2014, I started BRASSI, and two years later was back in São Paulo helping to bridge solutions over from the Nordics to the local players of various sectors.

Today I live between these two countries, and continue to dedicate myself to finding interesting and attractive solutions for market internationalization.