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Brassi provides business development and sales services focused towards Nordic technology companies, in particular SMEs, that wish to internationalize in a smart and agile way, while remaining cost effective.

Brassi was set up in late 2014 with a ‘mandate’ to focus on the Brazilian market, and Latin America as a region. However, despite having acted upon such target, we also aim and have been able to actively assist companies with various internationalization strategies, particularly those targeting closer markets for starters, like the Nordics and Europe as a whole.

We are happy to talk and understand your specific needs in order to get started!

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Our mission

To help and represent you on your projects and business ideas, to advise and assist on market development and planning, and to identify new opportunities and local partner channels which are a good fit for your offerings, both outside or within Finland where we are based.

High-tech innovation as focus 

At Brassi we are focused on promoting innovative technologies which may address various industries. Through a trustworthy and reliable network, we would like to especially assist in the sectors of ICT, Fintech, Digital Health, Agrotech, Cleantech and renewables, the digitalization of education, and more. 

Brassi is able to act as your professional representative, promoting products and services, and facilitating direct and transparent communication with clients, aimed at a fruitful and long-lasting business relationship.

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