Brazil is not just samba, soccer and beaches – Brazil is opportunity.

Despite slow economic growth and the political turmoil in more recent times, Brazil still offers great business opportunities for innovation, the introduction of new technologies and the sharing of know-how.


We believe the region has a comprehensive and well developed business environment and culture, which offers major opportunities from its demand for innovative and high technology solutions.

Amongst the seven largest economies in the world, Brazil has a population of over 215 million people, and impressive geographical dimensions. It also has a young and consumption driven population with an average age of 30, and with a growing middle class. For example, it has over 120 million Internet users, but since the Internet penetration is still relatively low (under 65%), this clearly shows the potential for growth also within digitalization services.


Keep in mind, that entering the Brazilian market does not come without challenges and hard work! The country is known for its high import taxation, which may impose a major burden for the competitiveness of your product. Local taxes and labor legislation are also complex areas, and in some sectors, the lack of the Portuguese language will slow things down further.

Together we can!

So there are clear incentives for establishing local presence, in some form or shape, which should enhance your chances of success, especially if you are a small or medium enterprise looking to minimize entry costs and risks.

We want to help you with that!