Brassi has focused in high technology solutions, here are some of our references:


utopiaUtopia Analytics provides machine learning / AI-based solutions and capabilities for process decision automation directed to different industry sectors e.g. insurance claims, gaming, e-commerce and classified ads, media news commenting, review sites, and more.



Skilloon is a research-based platform that helps students implement their own personal development portfolio. The solution was developed by Not a Bad Idea in cooperation with several Finnish schools, universities and research groups, and received the quality label from the National Agency of Education, while also being included by the Ministry of Education and Culture into the national strategy for entrepreneurship education in Finland.


verso logo

Verso Globe delivers a collaborative and easy-to-use cloud-based tool for Corporate Social Responsibility management and communication. By using Verso any company can harness their sustainable actions into business assets and competitive advantage, while communicating those efficiently and engaging people to get valuable ideas and feedback that truly benefits the overall business.


roidu_blue_320Roidu is a cloud service platform that allows you to create and publish content easily on your controlled devices, such as tablets and touch-screen monitors. You can use Roidu for digital and interactive marketing actions, customer surveys and lead generation, and for educational purposes.


1013125_603609932995896_2106685625_nEzyInsights offers the fastest viral content discovery cloud-based tool for publishers and content providers worldwide. With Ezyinsights you are guaranteed to increase your traffic, because it allows you to discover the most relevant stories first.


image00-9Poplatek delivers secure high quality payment solutions, services and expertise. Its systems are used to process payments at various environments, like point of sale, vending machines, online stores.