Brassi  is focused on market development for high technology solutions. Here are some of our previous and current partner clients.


Neuwo is a customer-driven artificial intelligence service for content classification and brand safety.​ ​ Its technology helps publishers and digital asset managers to improve their reader experience and offer undisruptive advertising. Neuwo enriches your valuable data with meta tags, relevant content, and IAB taxonomy specification for contextual advertising.​


    brings superior mobile solutions to healthcare with its app continuously developed together with healthcare professionals, for safe and efficient nursing workflows, and supporting decision-making while leaving more time for care. It integrates with EHR systems, complementing those, and today is in use in more than 80 hospitals and primary health care units internationally.


Infinity-Group is an experienced digital house offering solutions related to e-commerce, product design, website development, systems integration, business analytics, marketing automation, mobile application development and more.


Vitacam is a contact-less vital signs monitor solution that uses a camera and computer vision software, for use by clinicians to monitor patients in hospitals or at home, to support clinical decision-making.


HyperIn is a cloud solution for managing shopping malls. It provides all the tools for multi-channel communication, collaboration, and integration between the centers’ managers, tenants, and their consumers. specializes in delivering solutions using artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning methods, providing SaaS-based platforms as well as consulting services for various AI development areas.


Netradar provides a solution for collecting mobile network performance data, directly from customers’ phones, enabling operators to understand their networks better, focusing on an end user centric approach.


ValueAI is a low-code and easy to use platform that enables you to train your own AI model using incoming requests with text or numeric data. You can prioritize requests and direct those to the right departments.


utopia Machine Learning, AI-based solutions and capabilities for process decision automation, directed to various industry sectors.



Research-based platform that helps students implement their own personal development portfolio. Developed by Not a Bad Idea in collaboration with Finnish schools, universities and research groups.


verso logo

Verso Globe delivers a collaborative and easy-to-use cloud-based tool for Corporate Social Responsibility management and communication.


roidu_blue_320Service platform to create and publish content on controlled devices, like tablets and touch-screen monitors. Use cases are digital and interactive marketing actions, customer surveys and lead generation, and educational purposes.


1013125_603609932995896_2106685625_nEzyInsights offers a fast news gathering tool for newsrooms and journalists worldwide; saving time, while growing traffic with increased engagement.


image00-9Secure high quality payment solutions, services and expertise. Its systems are used to process payments at various environments, like point of sale, vending machines, online stores.